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When you're one of the biggest ad agencies in the world, there's no shortage of partners interested in working with you. But even for top agencies, finding a partner who provides quality products and reliable services can be difficult. Luckily for advertising powerhouse BBDO, launching a partnership with Shutterstock Premier provided both the content and support they were looking for.

The Client

For more than a century, BBDO has been a global name in advertising, servicing top-tier consumer brands from Pepsi to Dove to Snickers. With almost 300 agencies across 81 countries, BBDO brings custom solutions to clients with the highest expectations. While their solutions may be custom, it's a partnership with Shutterstock Premier that enables BBDO to deliver campaign results.

The Goals

Sure, high-resolution and solid quality were pre-requisites when BBDO searched for a creative content provider. But according to Ilona Siller, an Art Producer at BBDO in New York, customer support was the requirement at the top of their list. Siller and her team were looking for a company that could offer "great customer service, easy access to high-res downloads, clear licensing terms, and reasonable pricing," Siller said.

The Challenge

Unfortunately, finding a content provider capable of providing beautiful imagery, as well as strong customer service, wasn't as easy as BBDO had hoped. According to Siller, other providers they worked with had, "unavailable reps, no compromise, stock images that looked like... stock." For an agency as fast-paced as BBDO, and with such a high bar for quality, those options just weren't going to cut it.

The Shutterstock Premier Solution

BBDO may be a giant agency, but the decision to work with Shutterstock Premier wasn't voted on in a Monday morning board room. In fact, the decision wasn't even made during the workweek. "[The Shutterstock] team made the decision for me by being there for us at 9pm on a Saturday," said Siller, who quickly learned that the Shutterstock Premier team is serious about customer service. "When I call other places, sometimes I won't get my phone call returned right away. With Premier, I can completely rely on the support. It's just easy. And we look for easy."

Top notch customer service sealed the deal for BBDO, but they also quickly came to appreciate the extraordinary quality of Shutterstock Premier's content offerings. "When you have two or three shoots going on at the same time and the stock order comes in, you just kind of tense up," said Siller. However, this tension quickly disappears when the BBDO team knows they can turn to Shutterstock Premier for imagery that will take their campaign over the top. "You'll find an image that's interesting enough that it could come from a good [photo]shoot," said Siller. "Like, I wouldn't mind hanging this on my wall type of quality."

"When I call other places, sometimes I won't get my phone call returned right away. With Premier, I can completely rely on the support. It's just easy. And we look for easy."

The Results

Thanks to the support of the Shutterstock Premier team, BBDO is able to use Shutterstock content to power client campaigns everywhere from print to digital. One of BBDO's top consumer accounts, Splenda, came to the agency with an oversized idea for 2015. Splenda wanted to create a year's worth of content on a Tumblr blog, focused on recipes that replace refined sugar with Splenda sweetener products. In "Sweet Swaps," BBDO needed to produce 365 pieces of content that looked as good as they tasted. Leveraging Shutterstock Premier photography was the cherry on top of the Splenda sundae.

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